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Психологическая модель правоприменительной деятельности работников природоохранной прокуратуры

№ 8 (35) August 2014 | Category: Common rubric

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Firsov I.F. The creation and establishment of Criminal Investigation Department in the Tyumen region (1918-1923)

October, 2014

Martynova Y.V. The features of the subject of prosecutorial supervision over execution of laws by bailiffs-performers

April, 2017

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Суброгация: некоторые технические аспекты

July, 2018

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Firsov I.F. The part of the police of the Tyumen region in the implementation of the policy of «military communism»

October, 2014

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Firsov I.F. Red banditry and the Soviet police in the archival documents of the Tyumen region

June, 2015