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Психологические детерминанты суицидального поведения

№ 6 (21) June 2013 | Category: 3. Psychology

Особенности смысловой сферы личности и отношение к жизни и смерти у суицидентов юношеского возраста

№ 5 (32) May 2014 | Category: 3. Psychology

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Dronova E.N., Brysina O.P. Suicidal behavior as a matter of the communication social network «Odnoklassniki»

May, 2013

Sharov A.A. Feature suicidal behavior as an option autoaggression

November, 2015

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Gritsai L.A. Prevention of child and adolescent suicide as a relevant social, psychological and pedagogical problem

May, 2013

Calova A.V. Prophylaxis of suicidal behavior among teenagers: new vision on suicidal attempts origin.

July, 2013

Morev M.V. Monitoring of suicidal behavior in the Vologda region

December, 2013

Sharov A.A. Philosophical aspect suicidal behavior

November, 2015

Sharov A.A. The question of history and philosophy suicidology as a branch of scientific knowledge

March, 2016

Venerskaya E.P. Suicidal behavior in adolescents with disabilities

April, 2016