Author: Татаринцева Раиса Яковлевна

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Доктор медицинских наук, профессор, заведующий кафедрой клинической физиологии и нелекарственных методов ФПКМР МИ РУДН

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Влияние аутогенной тренировки на эффективность технико-тактических действий квалифицированных спортсменов, специализирующихся в мини-футболе

№ 6 (45) June 2015 | Category: Pedagogics

Articles of the author in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Panov G.A., Tatarintseva R.Ya. About synergy, antagonism and neutral interaction BAP

November, 2012

Panov G.A., Tatarintseva R.Ya., Tatarintseva G.U. Emotions in traditional Chinese medicine and it's modern interpretation

November, 2012

Tatarintseva R.Ya., Lebedeva E.U., Panov G.A. Pain in back after birth

December, 2012

Markov D.L. Therapeutic physical culture and sport medicine for people with disabilities

December, 2012

Markov D.L. Applying physical therapy in disorders of the musculoskeletal system

December, 2012

Lebedeva E.Г., Tatarintseva R.Ya. Reasons and treatment of post-borning constipation

March, 2013

Tsimbalov M.Y., Tatarintseva R.Y. The effectiveness of an integrated approach using the methods of traditional medicine in the correction of the female body in after-birth period

September, 2013

Vasechkina L.I., Akinfiev A.V., Tatarintseva R.Y., Panov G.A., Yakovlev V.S. Functional-structural disorders of the digestive system of children. Algorithms of diagnosis and treatment tactics

September, 2013

Tatarintseva R.Ya., Lebedeva E.Yu., Panov G.A., Apriamashvili G.G. Сomplex approach in the prevention and treatment of back pain in the postpartum period

December, 2013

Tataritntseva R.Y., Lebedeva E.Y., Omelchuk N.N., Tsimbalov M.Y. The application of the principles of traditional medicine of Vietnam in complex rehabilitation of patients

May, 2014

Ezhov P.F., Ezhova N.M., Tatarintseva R.Y., Apriamashvili G.G., Tichonova N.N., Kerekesha M.G., Ageeva A.V., Kudryavceva J.B., Sushkov A.L. The effect of autogenic training on anxiety level among qualified athletes specializing in mini-football

June, 2015

Tatarintseva R.Y., Tichonova N.N., Apriamashvili G.G., Kerekesha M.G., Ignatyev A.A., Gilmutdinova F.G., Ageeva A.V., Baranova T.N., Kudryavceva J.B., Sushkov A.L. The efficacy of baths maintain human health: a review

June, 2015

Articles of the author in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Tataritntseva R.Y., Omelchuk N.N., Lebedeva E.Y., Tsimbalov M.Y., Aprimshvili G.G., Fomina M.A. The application of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine for keeping health of the population

June, 2014

Tataritntseva R.Y., Omelchuk N.N., Apriamashvili G.G., Lebedeva E.Y., Kadoshnikova M.Y., Zlatinskaya G.R. Socio-psychological aspects of the integrated approach in the treatment of enuresis in children

July, 2014

Tataritntseva R.Y., Tataritntseva G.Y., Ukhov V.A. The use of fairy tales as a didactic means in the training of manual therapy

March, 2015