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Urynbayev Salavat Habibullaevich
Kazakh National Technical University

The scheme of internal control of person is proposed: each organ of senses creates its own description of environment in brain. Simultaneous record in various languages of brain should be done by the same mechanism, by the same recording impulse. Such mechanism can be found under study of muscle speech - movement.
The human skeleton is considered as open multilink and analysis is done on the base of methods of mechanic. The psychological and social processes can be explained more rationally.

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About work of the brain in the general view // Psychology, sociology and pedagogy. 2013. № 8 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://psychology.snauka.ru/en/2013/08/2371

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Opportunity of rationalization of representations about mental and social processes.

Scientific images of complex systems are represented us in the form of the treelike structures beginning from axiomatic or most simple concepts. It is possible to assume that the whole of the ocean of our emotions and the processes connected with them is presented in the form of similar structures. To define a general view of a required tree, it is necessary to find a way to go down from a trembling leaf of own emotions on the firm ground of objective laws of a material world. If with similar expectation we shall analyze all accessible kinds of mental activity, we shall come to conclusion: each sense organ creates in a brain the own description of world around, independent enough though a record can go on the same nervous cells especially in deep parts. It is logical to consider sense organs together with operating and executive mechanisms of that chain where there is a transfer, processing and storage of the sensual information. It is necessary to remember that the keeping information can be the facts and skills (congenital and acquired).

Let’s list our sense organs: taste, touch, sense of smell, hearing, sight, muscular feeling with the vestibular apparatus, besides the brain reacts to electromagnetic radiations, therefore the human organism can be presented as the peculiar radio device. We shall note that in a circuit of management of the taste feeling should be included the system (digestive), providing by energy of an organism functioning, and in a circuit of management of the tactile sense (sensitivity of a body) should be included the systems providing a homeostasis. For the coordination of results of records in various languages of a brain the organism periodically needs time for a sleep. Process of the coordination of records can be accompanied by dreams. Activity of the silent languages, less controllable consciously, is perceived as an intuitive activity, and a simultaneous record in languages of six sense organs should be conducted by one mechanism, one writing down impulse, otherwise it can be formed the incoincident models-descriptions .

Let’s look for this mechanism. From convenience of researches (we are our own laboratory) we shall address to human movements. Movement is muscular speech. The human skeleton and its muscles can be considered as the mechanism and conducted the analysis by means of methods of mechanics. We shall begin the analysis with consideration of an initial position. At free vertical position of a body, in one case, knees can be bent, the weight of a body will move on a forward part of foot, the elastic line of a body will be located with the convexity forward, or, in other case, legs will remain straight lines, the pelvis will move backward, the weight of a body will move on a back part of foot, the elastic line of a body will be located by the convexity back. At walking the character of an elastic line is kept, and we find out two ways of moving. The first – rolling down from a bearing leg. Position of parts of a body: the head is hold up, shoulders are unrolled, a breast is high, and the pelvis is more mobile than shoulders. The second – rolling the weight of a body on a bearing leg. In this case the pelvis occupies more back position relative to a support; shoulders are more mobile, than a pelvis and are leaders in movement. Speaking differently, the human organism, depending on position of an elastic line of a body, can roll according to the first law ofNewton, or, at more back position of a pelvis relative to a support, is forced to move with additional expenses of energy. Having passed to the analysis of any other  movements, beginning from powerful where all muscles of a body obviously participate and, finishing up to the weakest with small amplitude, we have come to conclusion that all of them are come to the step-by-step movement, and two ways of walking are transformed in two systems of movements of our mechanism. Purely constructive features of an organism are those, that the character of all movements in two systems is distinguished. Walks, gesticulation, mimicry, sounding of a voice are various. In system « the pelvis – behind » it is more difficult to perform a heavy physical work on endurance as participation of the largest muscles in movements is reduced, but the conscious management of movements is easier. The system «the pelvis – in front » can be named a natural, coming from that all children, at least, until when they start to feel themselves as separate persons, move with rolling forward.

Researching any movements, we collide not only with the difficulties connected with huge volumes of the analyzed information, but also with that the more precisely the movement is carried out, the less it is felt. There is a necessity « to feel movement ». Mastering the kind of physical activity demanding high coordination of movements at once in two systems leads to unnatural operating actions. One of muscular circuits of an organism (flexors or extensors) is the bearing circuit, and another – the managing circuit, circuits should exchange functions, that is discomfortable, but a sensitivity of muscles increases, and management of movements, as required, remains under control. Programs of management in a brain, usually not felt, start “to puff up” and it is found out “joints” between operating blocks. In time it is possible to feel how close connection between movements of hands and words, how we make great and small decisions, to imagine what exactly in this circuit it is localized the logic thinking. It is come the gradual understanding that high-grade dialogue would not be possible if there was no a preliminary electromagnetic fine tuning of a brain. It is possible to feel an existence of a required operating nervous impulse, and also the mechanisms of management strengthening its fragments, that allows to carry out all variety of movements of which the person is capable.

Each reader can feel action of this impulse. Having put optical axes of eyes in parallel and motionlessly, it is necessary to try to solve a simple arithmetic task in mind. It appears, the eyes should make necessarily movement at each elementary act of thinking. It is possible to assume, that we have found out an action of the required operating mechanism. It is important also dynamics  . Movements of eyes are convenient for describing, using coordinate axes around of which they can turn: around of the axes which are passing through eyes in a longitudinal direction of a skull; around of an axis which are passing through eyes in a cross-section direction of a skull and movement of focusing of a sight (joint turn of eyes ectad or inwards). It is represented, that the speed of reformatting of a sight in three axes is a parameter of I.Q. And more over that there is no still a formalized definition of intelligence.

From positions of mechanics, the person at movement represents a complex oscillatory system, transforming the vertical elastic oscillations into moving in horizontal direction. The system has various own forms of oscillations with its own frequencies. And quantity of own forms is big enough. The person spends a minimum of energy at sustaining the resonant frequency. This resonant frequency also is supported by an operating impulse.

The volume of work at the analysis of any movements has appeared very big and demanded a lot of time.

It was necessary to execute the following:

1.To master at a good level some kinds of human physical activity.

2. To choose the kind of physical activity most convenient for research and to master it so that to know a position of links of a body and a work of muscles at any moment of fulfillment of movement in this kind of activity. Here, at the analysis of musculars, we face with two systems of movements.

3. To translate a « muscular knowledge » on the verbal description.

4. To construct a treelike structure of muscular management. The problem is solved during the process of an optimization of the movement’s management.

Analyzed movements of links should be carried out with various efforts, trajectories, speeds, accelerations under different conditions: in a condition of physical readiness and on a background of weariness, in heat and in a cold, after traumas and after illnesses, when it is young and when already in the age, etc. Sifted and summarized result was expressed as follows: all arbitrary movements can be come to the step-by-step movement, there is a mechanism of management of the step-by-step movement and even the elementary act of thinking is carried out by a nervous impulse of this mechanism, that only shades and specifies the I.M.Sechenov’s statement: « All endless variety of external manifestations of the brain activity is come finally to only one phenomenon – to muscular movement ». There is an opportunity to apply in researches of movements modern scientific technologies.

There is an easy way to be convinced of reliability of the declared scheme of work of a brain. We shall use the characteristic of a live brain to process big files of the homogeneous information, averaging and classifying it, under condition of existence of an expected result. As management of muscles in two systems occurs in different ways it is possible to assume that the work of corresponding structures of a brain is carried out also in different ways that should lead to differences in mentality. It is necessary to adjust in conformity the system of movements of the observable person and his essential guidelines. Among observable persons can be not only people of a range of intercourse but also the known people, shown by mass-media to us, documentary films, memoirs, etc. At that it is necessary to observe passively, in “a mode of a life”. The brain makes averaging and delivery of results itself. By the way, the best object of observation – the population of 1/6 part of earth.

Practice shows that the usual sane person, not the researcher needs one and a half – two year to begin to be convinced that between movements of the person and his essential guidelines there is dependence. In due course it is possible to be convinced that the information about which there is a speech, simply shouts about itself. We note that representatives of the group « a pelvis – behind » are more individualists. In a society they occupy places basically in control systems, in systems of distribution, in criminal and terrorist structures, among beggars. Essential guidelines are displaced in sphere of sensual pleasures, desire to control, especially in the age when sensual receptors are worn already out. As, dominating over an organism, the own frequency of oscillation is higher representatives of this group consider variants more quickly, however, all universally recognized representatives of human breed belong to other group.

Representatives of group « a basin – in front » are characterized by an availability of the mechanism of management which action we mark words: a flocking instinct and its derivatives – collectivism, conscience, love to those whom they consider their friends.

Existence of two systems of movement appears a window in « a dark box » of the internal management and allows to present evidently work of a brain in a general view. The offered scheme of work of a brain allows seeing all mental and social human demonstrations somewhat under other corner of sight than usually, more volumetric that, in turn, strengthens belief in the validity of the offered scheme.

Let’s consider some examples.

Arts are necessary for upbringing of feelings and correct thinking. Listening to a folk music and observing movements in national dances, it is possible to find distinctions in “step-by-step impulses” which upbringing us. These impulses are somewhat different at the people belonging to different races and people that lead to differences in thinking and perception of world around. So, rhythms of music of people of white race are usually kept by constants during all performance of musical composition, yellow race – the rhythm of production can be variable, and the greatest change of a rhythm – at people of black race. Representatives of white race, accordingly, are inclined in logic thinking to count variants on a lot of steps, and representatives of black race – prefer to consider greater number of variants. These distinctions are quite observable, but, as was spoken already, observations should be in « a mode of a life » and their number should be greater. Traditional labor activity and arts of people bring up and train ways to balance at movements on a forward part of a foot. But if there is an opportunity to work less heavy then a significant part of the separate nations can be preferred to balance on a full foot, that it is possible to observe at Jews, the Gipsy, some mountain people. Similar balance is one of necessary conditions of easily recognized sounding a voice at cantor and gipsy singing. We shall note also more appreciable differences when the people moving in different systems create different products of arts. Here it is found out practically one-to-one correspondence, i.e. the work of art illustrates the character of movements of its author.

Depending on ratio in development of their languages the person can be introvert or extrovert. Not quite realized results of actions of numerous languages of a brain can lead to management stresses. People should develop systems of algorithms for prevention and mitigations of these stresses. These systems are religions; they also can be introvert and extrovert. Quantity of big religions is equal to number of combinations on the named parameters.

Observing a gregarious life and individual psychology of such four-footed mammals as hyenas at which leaders in movements are forepaws and, living near, «rear drive» lions, it is possible to notice not only specific, but also management distinctions. Ancestors at transition on the orthograde movement had to stop excessive movements of shoulders or a pelvis. In the beginning, while the body was unopened in a vertical plane, it was necessary to stoop and it was possible to reduce number of degrees of freedom of a pelvis only. Leaders in movements were free hands that have led to sharp increase of intelligence of ancestors. Later on after an occurrence of necessity to perform a heavy physical work, the body of our ancestor more and more opened, and leader in movements became a pelvis. It is possible to assume confidently, that in the human community always there were the people belonging to both types of internal management. It is clear, that judging by bones of a skeleton it is possible to restore not only external shape but also a bearing. Art and historical documents of the past give curious evidences under a considered corner of sight. A number of reasons allow assuming a nonrandomness of matriarchy in a gregarious life of hyenas and at primitive people. It is possible to tell that the orthograde movement and work became the reason of a human civilization, and two systems of movements have provided the speed of progress.

Mentally keeping away, for the best review, from our tree, let’s bring some results and draw some conclusions. During research of movements and searches of mental conformity to two systems of movements we have convinced that all sense organs model the world around in a brain in parallel by one mechanism and one general signal. The conclusion will be confirmed or denied by tool methods. (we shall take into account the usual tradition to consider as a priority task an opportunity of reception of new knowledge with a view of military application). Convenient objects of researches could become simple organisms with smaller number of feelings and small quantity of nervous cells if it is assumed that repeated dubbing-in in modeling the world around is a universal principle.

The offered scheme of work of a brain automatically involves a rationalization of representations about a brain activity, structure and development of essential guidelines, that in turn, enables to see ways of optimization of the slow social processes. We start with simple. The human brain operating a sense organ, can be in a condition when it free, in a “creative” mode, operates with the information. The satisfaction from the work of such brain is more, than from activity of the not trained properly brain, aspiring to operate in a narrow spectrum of sensual pleasures. It is desirable, that all control structures operate in a “creative” mode then there is a system of checks and balances, leading to the more harmonious work of a brain. It seems that this desirability is a necessary condition of the successful long-term future if the mankind will decide to get rid of « a shame of interhuman relation ». It is necessary to believe, that the first care will be problems of education and upbringing. We note that in this case the essential guidelines of taste feeling are displaced towards preference of simple and healthy food, and sense of smell – towards not sharp and natural smells.

For a human community it is most important an activity of structures of management of muscular feeling and their essential guidelines. These structures are the basic sources of emotions. Comparative power of the structures is observed by a saying «eyes are frightened while hands make». Training to correct movements is a problem which should be solved in a youth. Age hardening of bearing surfaces of joints puts restrictions of an opportunity to train optimum movements. Well “arranged” movements cause need for regular physical activity. Structures of muscular management to the greatest degree define a character of separate individuals and all nations. The basic forming factors are the landscape, a climate, natural selection. Probably, legs of the Russian ballet and « mysterious Russian soul » have grown from necessity of performance of volumetric physical work on capacity and on endurance in enough severe climatic conditions on big horizontal spaces.

Particularly about position of an elastic line of a body, i.e. about a posture.

What should be a posture? There is an old (ancient) and, apparently, the most true recommendation. Imagine that you are suspended to the sky on a thin cable. The cable is attached to a hook which is hammered into a breastbone under a chin. Under condition of good physical readiness and correctly constructed movements there is a sensation that if you turn in legs then you will remain to hang. A similar sort of sensation arise and at movement. So, in run, after the getting used to movements it seems, not long and legs will cease to touch the grounds. At work with a shovel, on a background of weariness, there will be a feeling: let off a shovel – it will continue work, and at carrying seven-ten-kilogram bags it can appear a strange sensation – wave a finger and the bag will float beside on the imagined carriage. In general it is necessary to tell, there is an opportunity to achieve that the tool with which we work, was perceived almost as a continuation of a hand.

Considering that management of movements has not only utilitarian value, it is necessary to be more attentive to a posture from which a construction of movement begins. The posture is developed and corrected during physical training and has the obvious and unobvious consequences directed both «inwards» and «ectad».

The recommended posture gives an elastic line of a body with the convexity forward; therefore all internal bodies are in a free condition, unlike an organism with an elastic line of a body with the convexity back where all internal bodies are in more compressed condition.

The backbone has a some slack which should be prevented by a tension of muscles of a back from below if legs are bent, or by a constant bend in longitudinal and cross-section planes (stoop and scoliosis) if legs are straightened. In the first case muscles of a back take upon itself the incurvation tension, and the backbone works, basically, only on compression. The opportunity of occurrence of illnesses of a backbone decreases.

At a correct posture the air-conducting ways are pressed to a forward wall of a thorax and form the return valve, forcing to pass on « diaphragm breathing », i.e. the breathing with a short breath and a long exhalation (as at swimming by a crawl). It is supposed, that in this case there is no washing out the carbonic gas from a blood which deficiency leads to necessity of inhalation of a tobacco smoke with the subsequent nicotinic accustoming.

The statistics will confirm, the people moving in the strongly expressed form of system « a pelvis – in front » do not smoke, and homosexual propensity obviously should be expected from the group « a pelvis – behind ». It is necessary to consider that an original cause of similar propensity is the congestive phenomenon developments of stagnation in pelvic area.

The return valve serves as a primary regulator of the air consumption at conversation and singing. If the return valve is not formed, all regulation of the air consumption falls on muscles in the field of vocal ligaments. There is a sensation that the person chokes with a sound. By the way, the additional pressure of these muscles causes the strengthened secretion of salivary glands that causes a necessity more often spit out. We note that the sounding of a voice unequivocally defines the posture.

The location of parts of a body on a vertical line, under condition of observance of balance can be various, that leads to a sufficient variety of “intermediate” postures with favorable or unfavorable consequences for an individual.

There is a posture which at physical work causes the necessity of cross-section movement of a backbone (though not so significant) relative to internal bodies that leads to sucking out a bile into a cavity of a duodenum even then when there is no food that favors to occurrence of a ulcer.

For composite completion of an elastic line of a body there is a need for the corresponding form of a headdress and a hairstyle (if available).

The posture with «an elastic line of a body with a convexity backwards» visually divides a body on a vertical line on two parts. In this case for embellishment of a figure the fashion applies a “patched” style, i.e. bright spots {stains} and cross-section strips in clothes. The jacket with cuts on such figure looks not aesthetic and for such a case it is thought up the short jacket up to a belt.

In a posture « a convexity forward » a height due to a bend of legs, is shortened on a one and a half – two centimeters. However visually legs are extended because of the axis of rotation moves from a pelvis to shoulders. And when one speaks about « girls whom legs begin at once from molars » – it is a quite objective impression.

It is interesting to pay attention to all ritual movements which give a lot of food for reflection. For example, «salute» in the Soviet Army and «salutation» in Hitler Army. These actions look organic only in its system of movements.

And further. The opportunity to work physically less (the use of work of slaves, application of energy carriers, etc.) causes an increase in number of people which essential guidelines are displaced towards sensual pleasures. From here there is an appearance of societies of material consumption. It is possible to trace how the resultant actions of big communities of people, in aspiration to differently directed valuable guidelines of two systems of movement, on a regular basis have led to large contradictions which were exploded by world wars and revolutions. It seems that objectively the optimum essential guidelines exist and it is possible to establish them, then the place ofRussia, with its searches of social justice, will appear in the head of a caravan of a non-autocrisis human civilization.

Essential guidelines. An opportunity of optimization.

The offered scheme of work of a brain allows considering in detail a localization of emotions and a possible optimization of essential guidelines.

The information from visual, acoustical, olfactory and gustatory receptors is processed in corresponding control parts of a brain. In the same place the accompanying emotions are localized. There is no an objection towards an idea on a localization of an instinct of self-preservation and a homeostasis (especially it is perceptible an illness) in the part of a brain which responsible for sensitivity of a body. Quite clearly, that exactly from here it is produced « love and all kinds of … ». And where are our usual constant emotions localized? Gladness and afflictions, grief and hopes, all what we feel and in that case when we are in corporal comfort? Not so fast, but the problem can be solved.

Step the first. Base for the analysis is own emotions received in usual and extreme situations during self-education and self-checking, in dialogue. It is necessary to use ” the catalogue of emotional conditions of the person » – art (and not only!) Literature. All who read avidly without a break know, that eventually there comes the moment when there appear a sensation, quite objective, that all literature have been read. In a brain all emotional conditions are built in a tree and each following book practically does not add anything new in image of the tree.

Step of the second. As it is noted earlier, it is necessary to construct the treelike structure of muscular management.

Step the third. During searches of conformity of the mental phenomenas to systems of movements of the person we are surprised with an unequivocal conformity of tree of emotional conditions of the person and muscular management. It is easy to imagine that we deal with one tree, but not with two. In other words, our constant emotions are a product of activity of the part of the brain controlling movements.

Further it is simple. We recollect that human actions are directed on reception of pleasure and satisfaction. For each sense organ there is a comfortable level of signals which the part of a brain controlling a sense organ, perceives as a pleasure. The brain (together with us) receives satisfaction if leans to build from the received sensual information the complex system and to use it.

Mental and social processes reveal itself in a new fashion, from some other point of view.

For example, our internal “I” is a result of continuous comparison – reflection (as in original mirrors) of the six different sense models of one world around. Ii is solved the so-called psychophysiologic problem. It is represented, keeping in mind work on an artificial intellect that it is impossible to construct the electronic person only on one sense organ. And it is necessary for full artificial intellect to have desire to live, i.e., it is necessary to give him a feeling of a body and to build into a natural metabolism.

Or, about occurrence of need for alcohol and drugs. For removal of a superfluous pressure in a brain from physical work it is necessary to weaken or switch-off the control of a rational part of a brain. Here alcohol is convenient. In case of lack of the motional information (physical work) there is a need to excite the motor center and drug promotes to that. Alcoholic and narcotic accustoming – it is already separate stage. It seems that the existing counteraction to drugs – the struggle against consequences instead of the reason. The all-around development of the person allows receiving the greatest satisfaction from a life. To avoid physical work – a mistake for an individual and an underestimation of its role is harmful to a society. Most society-forming factor was physical work and even in conditions of the energy saturation the role of physical work remains fundamental. Lack of physical work impoverishes the emotional side of the person, but its surplus does not allow revealing completely. In conditions of “global village” the first leads to such phenomena, as terrorism, and the second – to the future demographic problems.

Rationally about social.

It is possible to confirm the offered scheme of work of a brain by the existing tool methods, and also researching and observing any movements of the person. Presence of expected result removes the basic obstacles for researches. It becomes more convenient to consider the system « the person – the society » as the system « a society – the person ». It is necessary to consider also, that any knowledge of work of a brain touch on interests of all and consequently cannot like all at once.

The person, as all alive, aspires to keep itself and the posterity. A true vector of his aspirations is the desire to take pleasure and satisfaction. The brain and interaction of parts of a brain should be developed, understanding, that the opportunity of reception of satisfaction depends on the work directed on its development. Finally, the work made by a brain during all existence, is a parameter of satisfaction of an individual from the life. In an ideal the person should completely be exhausted, it is favorable to a society and it is obliged to provide to its members a similar high-grade life. For achievement of his purposes the person consumes (from the common boiler) the renewed and not renewed resources, energy carriers and results of work. (In intuitive assumption of the majority here it takes place a partition: gives more, consumes less – « the good person », otherwise – “not so”). The block organization of a brain allows considering the problems connected with material consumption, in most general view.

More in detail about an underestimated muscular sense. From all senses the muscular sense is most significant, as it allows an organism to cooperate actively with world around. The one who though once has had the sensation that he is only a part of the nature surrounding him (this is strong sensation), that will agree, that it goes from a muscular sensation. The muscular sensation is a basis for the high-grade development of other senses. All people have the same set of emotions – it is the result of uniformity of muscular sensation and the object of management – a skeleton of the person. And only this sensation unites all of us and forces to consider ourselves as people.

Parts of a skeleton in movements operate simultaneously; the management is carried out in a mode of parallel work that in addition complicates the research and the sensation of movements. Resulting lack is the limitation of the enumerative opportunities of muscular sensation. And for the calculation of variants and the forecasting the analyzing – control systems (hearing and sight) are much better adapted.

The muscular sensation (as well as any another) wishes to possess objects of its management without difficulty, i.e. that it can manage over muscular. The person, at whom the leading is the muscular sense, has rather modest material needs. Transition from a physical work on endurance to the anаlyzing – administrative work and back psychologically is discomfort as analyzers have extremely low threshold of sensitivity, and muscular feeling, on the contrary, has probably high. (from here the significant nervous expenditure for an all-around development, however there are no expenses which are more recovered). In a social life it is beneficial the specialization, therefore a part of a society is engaged analyzing and organizing activity, and a part of a society- physical work. Distribution of the surplus value received as a result of similar cooperation, eventually, creates an usual high psychological pressure in a society. However, the class history of mankind is known under numerous descriptions.

In descriptions it is possible to find out, how at “elites” of some “island” societies (enough safe, living rather densely and separately) it is arose and tried and started to operate the ideas of domination above near and far neighbors. It is supported the development of a science providing advantage in arms, it is increased the level of the military and state organization which terminates with the start of the military mechanism. An example – theRoman Empirewith the legions, empire of Chingiz-khan with the fast horse cavalry and the fighting bows, etc.

In the present it is tried out so-called Anglo-Saxon idea. In conditions when the ratio of the power of the existing weapon and the sizes of a planet makes us to fear for the future of a civilization, it is possible to assume, that the establishment of objective essential guidelines will allow to be convinced of the pettiness of values of a society of consumption which is the main bait of Anglo-Saxon idea.

It is necessary to transfer the physical work on endurance from the category of the contemptible work into the noble category. Positioning of the essential guidelines is a task for superstructural institutes: science, education, culture etc. Benefit for individuals is the fuller satisfaction from own life, and for a population – transition in a stable phase.

At realization of harmonization it is solved also problems with a population size. The block scheme of work of a brain allows explaining rationally the crisis demographic processes. Here we observe an action of the psychological mechanism. Less powerful analyzing control systems make the people, engaged brainwork, to perceive the past part of a life, as a life where there was a lot of sorrows. (God knows how it is objectively). And, finally, such perception conducts to reduction of quantity of children in families. The powerful control system of the muscular sense enables to be rather unpretentious to the people, engaged, basically, in a physical work. The past part of a life is perceived by them more optimistically. They seek to get more children. « There will be a day, there will be also a food » is a saying for them. In societies where it is a lot of the work demanding the greater participation of the analyzing-control part of a brain, there is a problem with a decrease of population. And there, where the population is occupied, basically, with a physical work, on the contrary, there is a problem with a surplus of population. In view of the above-named factors, it is necessary to expect, that the problem of the regulation of birth rate is quite solved.

Resources of a planet are limited and a hypothetical addition of energy from the outside is fraught with environmental problems, but, it seems that an optimization of public relations and a population and consumption size is quite realizable. Anyway, the society has a necessity to decide a task of the high-grade development of everyone. This task is already necessity! However the decision of a similar sort of task cannot be fast. Discrete time here is the period of an entry into a life of each new generation (20-25 years).

The person, as all alive, is a power machine which transforms energy up to high repartitions, thereby, renders a counteraction to the increase of entropy of system in which he is. The mankind is obliged to look into the future and to model it. Existing sophisticated systems, based (by default) on the scheme « the brain and its sensors », though amaze with its refinement, cannot correspond up to the own destination because of a pliability of the foundation on which models of world around are erected. The offered block scheme of work of a brain allows reducing a quantity of essences that, it is thought, will allow a philosophy to become stricter and again to take the place of a science of sciences. It becomes closer the time, when the science about an alive will be built in a uniform tree of a science.

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