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Kreyk Alfred Iosifovich1, Khudyakova Natalya Igorevna2
1Novosibirsk state technical university, PhD in Social Science, Assistant Professor of the Sociology Department
2Novosibirsk state technical university, student of the Sociology Department

In the article discusses the theoretical problem that manifests in the absence of an integrative term for the designation on the most general level different kinds of coherent people’s interactions who are designated as "solidarity", "cooperation", "integration", "union", "commonwealth", etc. The authors pay attention on that this interaction is a fundamental feature of species homo sapiens. The authors suggest for the designation to use as an integrative term "cooperativity" for any kind of agreed people’s interactions.

Keywords: association, coherence, community, cooperation, cooperative, integration, solidarity

Category: Sociology

Article reference:
Cooperativity as a fundamental feature of mankind // Psychology, sociology and pedagogy. 2014. № 6 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://psychology.snauka.ru/en/2014/06/3238

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