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Программа развития как условие модернизации школьного образования

№ 2 February 2016 | Category: Pedagogics

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Nikolaev I.S., Ivanov A.Y. Development of the program for construction prospects of buildings

January, 2013

Petrov P.A. The control algorithm by dosing alumina in aluminum production

May, 2014

Karpushin Y.S. Control systems and difficulties of their modernization

June, 2014

Barbova T.I. "Graduates" Database as a Means of Data Processing Automation in SBLEI "Governor's Cadet Boarding School Police"

June, 2014

Tsurkan M.V. For questions about energy saving and energy efficiency: the regional and local aspects

April, 2015

Taktashkin D.V., Masenko I.A. The use case diagram of the novel-writing application «Story»

March, 2016

Petrov I.F. Problems learning and functioning of regional culture

July, 2016

Timofeeva Y.S. The concept of planning, its content and value

November, 2016

Manzhula V.G. The use of technology 1C to account for the progress of students in a virtual learning environment vACADEMIA

November, 2016

Методы измерения времени работы программы

May, 2017


May, 2018

Методические основы организации проведения уроков технологии как средства развития мотивации к обучению

November, 2018

Анализ опыта развития мотивации в школьной практике

December, 2018

Информационная среда студента

March, 2019

Выбор оптимальных форм организации и методов изучения материала раздела «Художественные ремесла» на уроках технологии в школе

December, 2019

Анализ программы «Технология» в аспекте развития технического творчества обучающихся

December, 2020

Методические основы организации интерактивного обучения на уроках экономики

January, 2021

Состояние сферы жилищного строительства в условиях кризиса: региональная специфика

October, 2021

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Pustovoitov Y.L. Assessing students in non-profile disciplines: issues, criteria, approaches

June, 2015

Tomilov I.S., Darya F.Y. Visits by representatives of the Romanov dynasty as a traditional culture of the cities of the Tobolsk province in the second half of the XIX century

October, 2016

Litvinova A.S. The organization of parental control on the computer using a program Time Boss

April, 2017

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Voroshilina N.N., Semenova E.M. Basic directions of perfection of economic relations with customers

June, 2015

Ryzhankova A.A., Voroshilina N.N. Directions of improving the development of programs to promote employment in the region (for example, the Minsk region)

June, 2015

Borisova A.S. Efficiency of functioning of the state structures at attraction of investments into region

September, 2015

Markova D.M., Fardzinova Z.A. Advantages and disadvantages, the prospects for the bill ''On the free allocation of land plots '' youth

September, 2015

Articles in journal «Researches in Science»

Permjakov A.A., Yuditskiy A.D. The program for the processing of the experimental data in animal testing in the "open field"

September, 2013

Articles in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

Senatorova A.S., Zakharova E.A. Information security in the enterprise

April, 2015

Tyugaeva D.K. To the question about the choice of software to create interior design

October, 2015

Taktashkin D.V., Masenko I.A. The use case diagram of the novel-writing application «Story»

May, 2016

Kalmykova O.V., Larkina I.S. Development of a conceptual model of information system warehouse management voice

July, 2016

Kontsevoi A.L., Kontsevoi S.A., Bredikhin I.V. Kinetic calculation methanol synthesis column under medium pressure

October, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Brzhezinskaya N. Developing the course "At the root of folk art" (for preschool and early school age)

April, 2014

Yudin T.M., Gumelev V.Y., Yushin V.S. About the set of cadets in RVVDKU in 2014

October, 2014

Mayer R.V. Formation of cognitive interest to informatics: the task about a turtle

April, 2016