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Avdyev Marat Aleksandrovich1, Kreyk Alfred Iosifovich2
1Non-for-profit partnership «Siberian centre of conflictology», chief, consultant of management, Novosibirsk
2Novosibirsk state technical university, docent of department of sociology, PhD in Sociology, Novosibirsk

The article develops the demonstrations’ opportunities of phenomenon of synergy in the process of using such technology of deciding of differencies as mediation and as well as «production» of synergy as a result of combination mediation and traditional judicial procedure. In the article gives a concrete example when the deciding of difference with the help of mediation for all participants of conflict was profitably. This fact proves the advantages of mediation.

Keywords: advantages of mediation, mediation, synergy, traditional judicial procedure

Category: Sociology

Article reference:
The synergy appearance of institutional practice «Mediation» // Psychology, sociology and pedagogy. 2014. № 1 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://psychology.snauka.ru/en/2014/01/2746

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