Author: Yahondra

Articles of the author in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Использование Италией культурной дипломатии в процессе формирования международной италоязычной общности

№ 3 March 2014 | Category: 3. Psychology

Картавость: причины и влияние на повседневную жизнь

№ 3 March 2014 | Category: 3. Psychology

Теория и практика скрытого воздействия на общественное сознание в ХХ веке

№ 4 April 2014 | Category: 3. Psychology

Эволюция взглядов на проблему манипуляции сознанием с IV века до н.э. до Средневековья

№ 5 May 2014 | Category: 3. Psychology

Articles of the author in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Malorossiyanova S.A. The evolution and perspectives of the development of the cultural diplomacy in France

March, 2014

Sedunov A.V. The impact of the course of the PRC on the independence in international Affairs at the Chinese-American relations

May, 2014

Skripkar M.V., Shamshurin D.A. «Chinese dream» and the «Russian dream»: the relationship of phenomena in political media content in China

October, 2016

Articles of the author in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Skripkar M.V. The dream of asian eskimos as a social phenomenon (on the material of the eskimos folk tales)

June, 2013

Skripkar M.V. The phenomenon of mass cultural and social aspects of manipulation of mass consciousness

April, 2014

Sedunov A.V. The prospects of rapprochement between the US and China at the present stage

June, 2014

Votintseva C.A. Cultural diplomacy of China

November, 2014

Articles of the author in journal «Philology and literature»

Skripkar M.V. The image of the dreamer in the works of "Madame Bovary" by Flaubert and "Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha" Cervantes

April, 2014

Articles of the author in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Lonshakova A.S. Positioning problems of the Republic of Korea in the international arena

February, 2014

Sedunov A.V. Chinese-American relations in the 19th-20th centuries

March, 2014

Skripkar M.V. Development of the theoretical Foundation of consciousness manipulation: 16th - 20th centuries

April, 2014

Lazebnyh N.A. Bilateral relations and territorial disputes in the region of North-East Asia

July, 2014

Blokhinа L.P. The cultural diplomacy of Malaysia

September, 2014

Astrakhantseva V.V. Prospects of the SCO in terms of the Chinese media

October, 2014

Epova M.A. Digital diplomacy in Asia

January, 2015

Articles of the author in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Astrakhantseva V.V. Influence of the family atmosphere on the occurrence of mental disorders in children

April, 2014

Skripkar M.V. Methodical development of the museum lecture "Trans-Baikal territory in the context of the Soviet-Vietnamese relations 1975-1991"

June, 2014

Articles of the author in journal «History and archeology»

Skripkar M.V. Cambodian conflict in the context of the new foreign policy course of the USSR (1985-1991 gg.)

April, 2014

Skripkar M.V. Role of the USSR in the settlement of the Vietnam-China conflict 1979

May, 2014

Epova M.A. The advent of digital diplomacy and the American experience

March, 2015