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Конфликтная ситуация на уроке латинского языка в Ишимской мужской гимназии периода Первой мировой войны

№ 9 September 2014 | Category: Pedagogics

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Chirkin S.A. Social initiatives of the сredit comradeships of the Vyatka province during the early period of the first world war

February, 2014

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Sulimov V.S. The role of the Muslims of Tomsk in the development of education during the First world war

May, 2014

Chirkin S.A. The Vyatka credit cooperatives’ military supplies and financing in the years of the First World War

January, 2015

Tsyutsyak R.B. The spread of Orthodoxy in Galicia in the context of the occupation policy of the Russian Empire of 1914-1915.

May, 2015